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Rating: 4.7
"...I guess you can say I'm a satisfied customer..."

"Our couch was in a terrible shape and I couldn't afford buying a new one. I was so embarrassed; I couldn't have any guests over in my house. I tried cleaning it by myself but it didn't work. All sort of food and drink stains still remained. At this time I decided to go with professional cleaning. I called several clean-ups and the most kind and less pricey was UCM Cleaning Services. I would recommend them because they made me feel like they truly care and not just after making a quick buck. The cleaning guy was very nice. He explained to me what is the best way of removing the stains and odors from my couch and cushions. He also told me that if I am not satisfied, he can do a second cleaning. It wasn't necessary though, I was perfectly happy with everything. He used dry cleaning and my sofa was dry in just couple of hours. I guess you can say I'm a satisfied customer, thanks to UCM Cleaning Services."

Rating: 5
"...I don't clean them myself, I get them professionally cleaned..."

"I own beautiful oriental rugs and I can be a little bit over-protected of them. I just couldn't bear the thought of anything happens to them. Every little thing can damage their authentic and historical value. That is why I don't clean them myself, I get them professionally cleaned. I wouldn't want to somehow ruin them by cleaning them wrong. UCM Cleaning Services is the best that I know of. I got their number from a friend who actually tried their wood floor refinishing service. They offer all kind of cleaning services. They preformed steam cleaning, only after making sure my rugs are compatible with this method. My rugs are now cleaned and I can be at peace that it will remain that way. They offer free estimate, which is important when dealing with expensive and oriental rugs. I usually wouldn't recommend of any service but I decided to make an acceptation this time, UCM Cleaning Services worth it."

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