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Jacksonville Carpet Cleaning provides you a variety of services and methods, suited for your home and for your office. If great service and professional clean-up is what you are looking for, look no further. We offer stain and mildew removal, allergen and dust removal, pet stain and odor cleaning and more. We strive for perfection, using only the best methods in the business. It includes wet and dry carpet cleaning, truck mount carpet cleaning, hot water extraction and a whole lot more.

Dry Carpet Cleaning

Dry carpet cleaning is used for more delicate fibers that can't absorb large amount of water. By reading the label and the manufactures' instructions you could tell if dry cleaning is compatible for you. In any case, Jacksonville Carpet Cleaning knows which fabric or leather is right for dry cleaning and always tests its products first.

We first vacuum the carpet to suck all visible and non-visible dirt and dust. Then we use an absorbent compound, made of small amount of detergents solvent and small amount of water. It removes all stains and smells deep within the carpet and it also takes less time to dry, as less water and moisture is used. Call us at Carpet Cleaning Jacksonville for more information.

Wet Cleaning

Wet cleaning is a popular method, it's low-cost and it can be used for all kinds of synthetic carpets. It involves preconditioning and shampooing, followed by rinsing and drying that really restore the natural look of the carpet or rug. Finally, Jacksonville Carpet Cleaning uses a powerful vacuum to insure all dirt or dust mites are gone.

Truck Mount Carpet Cleaning

Truck mount carpet cleaning is the latest technology and the most efficient way for fast and quality cleaning. It uses extreme power and heat, coming from the engine, assuring you'll get the job done. Carpet Cleaning Jacksonville uses a long, high-pressure hose, coming out the truck mount unit, into your house. It uses the hot water extraction method, or as is most known of - steam cleaning.

Hot Water Extraction

Hot water extraction is a professional cleaning method, involving a truck mounted unites. It can be used for residential as well for commercial cleaning. It's a combination of high pressure, hot water and deterrents that are hosed to the carpet and get rid of all stains and dirt. It's the fastest form of cleaning there is and highly recommend for big carpets and against deep stains.

No matter what you choose, Jacksonville Carpet Cleaning is the way to go. Call 904-371-2963 to get your house professionally cleaned.

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